Fascinators Hats for Women Tea Party Headband Kentucky Derby Hats Fascinator Headpiece


Fascinator hats are timeless, chic, and sure to be noticed at your coming special event!

This chic fascinator headpiece pays homage to vintage style with its stretchy mesh ribbon and flowing feathers. The classic mesh shape and elegant look will be your go-to fascinators hats for women tea party this season.

There’s a couple ways to wear this – you get both an alligator clip and a headband. The alligator clip works pretty well on my hair, but in case you have trouble getting the fascinator to stay in place, you can also use the headband.

The women’s fascinators is a great addition to a vintage outfit. It’s the perfect accessory for any special occasion like a tea party, Kentucky Derby parties, Derby Birthday Parties and other Derby Events, Costume Events, Bachelorette Parties, High Tea Parties, Wedding or as an Easter bonnet at church.

Highly recommend this Fascinators Hat to anyone looking to elevate their look and make a statement at any event. From weddings to the races, this fascinator will ensure you’re the best-dressed guest.

Be prepared to get lots of compliments every time you wear it!

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